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Brian didn't knife Bertie but he needs to be a lot sharper

He saw the economy -- for which he was largely responsible -- implode; his ready-made answers about it concealed the gravity of what we faced.

It can hardly have come as a good start to another ghastly week in Brian Cowen's catastrophic leadership of the country, since he took over in the spring, to have been confronted on Monday morning by accusations about another job he did not do. In the 'Daily Mail' that morning on Page 1, was Brian Cowen's claim: 'I DIDN'T KNIFE BERTIE'. Read More...

This bankers' solution to a bankers' problem is flawed

The nonsense of depending on Europe has been exposed again. The move we made was unilateral and illegal

There are many questions coming out of the banks crisis that need to be confronted. The first important one is: In the deal done between the Government and the Irish banks, who won? The second is: Where was Europe? The third is: How will this crisis solution be regulated? Read More...