Bruce Arnold

Critic of Public Affairs, writing about art, theatre, music and politics

Books: List of Publications

Art History and Biography:

A Concise History of Irish Art (1969)
Orpen: Mirror to an Age (1981)
Mainie Jellett and the Modern Movement in Ireland (1991)
Jack Yeats (1998)
Art Atlas of Britain and Ireland (1991)
William Orpen, a short illustrated life of the artist (1991).

Politics and Political Biography;

Margaret Thatcher: A Study in Power (1984)
Haughey: His Life and Unlucky Deeds (1993)
Jack Lynch: Hero in Crisis (2001)
What Kind of Country: Irish political life, 1968-1983 (1984)
The Fight for Democracy: The Libertas Voice in Europe (2009)
The Irish Gulag: How the State Betrayed its Innocent Children (2009)

Memoirs, Essays, Literary Criticism, Biography:

The Spire and Other Essays in Irish Culture (2003)
He That Is Down Need Fear No Fall (2008)
The Scandal of Ulysses (1991)
Swift: An Illustrated Life (1999)


A Singer at the Wedding
The Song of the Nightingale
The Muted Swan
Running to Paradise

Plays for Children:

The Wicked Woodman
Orlando’s Revenge

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