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History warns us about the risks of ceding power to EU

In his moderate and balanced article on the Lisbon Treaty, in this paper on Wednesday, Micheal Martin called for "a mature debate" during the next three months and one that was based on facts, not heckling. Read More...

We are no longer crucial. We are marginal again -- unless we say 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty

Cowen and Martin espouse a wishful idea of Ireland at the centre of Europe. This will never be

The implications of this week's judgment on the Lisbon Treaty by the German Constitutional Court are profound for the whole of Europe and raise many questions, both for Germany and for all member states, whether or not they have it ratified. In light of the many sober messages given 'in the name of the German people' by the seven judges, it is difficult to see how the largest state in the European Union can rush headlong into the political processes that the court requires of the state, though this seems to be the intention and may well be the outcome. After all, Germany is at the heart of the European Union and the Lisbon Treaty undoubtedly strengthens its power -- at the expense of Ireland, it has to be said -- making even more impressive the safeguards the judgment imposes on Germany's politicians. Read More...