Bruce Arnold

Critic of Public Affairs, writing about art, theatre, music and politics

The Hugh Lane Centenary at the Municipal Gallery

It might wisely be asked: What would we do without controversy? This week the celebrations of the centenary of the Hugh Lane Gallery continue their rich pattern of excitement and wonder with the arrival in Dublin of all 29 paintings known as the Hugh Lane Bequest, intended for Dublin’s Municipal Gallery. They have been cleverly mixed with other paintings belonging to that era of related to Lane’s involvement in the founding of the gallery.

Mary Kenny and the Celebration of W.B. Yeats

Mary Kenny sat before the bank of spotlights on a small raised stage in the corner of the seminar room at the National Library of Ireland. She was beside Sophie Gorman, who was there to introduce her, to prompt or question her if needs be, but in fact sat silent, as her guest, who was launching Summer’s Wreath, delivered a flawless elegy on William Butler Yeats.