Bruce Arnold

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I still believe in you, Enda, but on this issue you are lost

We have known each other since you first entered the Dail in 1975 in a by-election. This followed the death of your father, a friendly man who had been a junior minister in Liam Cosgrave's 1973-77 administration. I have written often about your career, most notably the last election where I spotted early on that the strategy you followed derived in part from Jack Lynch's highly successful 1977 campaign. I supported your campaign, believing in the removal of Fianna Fail from the power they had abused.

Why We Should Vote No at the End of May

Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland are the foremost EU/eurozone countries requiring amendments in the crisis measures they face. Germany is blocking them. We support Germany. By holding firm the EU aims to impose huge further financial burdens on eurozone countries through the ESM Treaty and the amending Article 136.

The referendum empowers a threshold treaty, arguably illegally under our Constitution and law, and makes way for the European Stability Mechanism, together with the Article 136 TFEU amendment to the EU Treaties, effectively, in sovereignty terms, sealing our fate. Read More...